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  • Amir Muhaisen

Chempreneurs : Hold On !!

Unfortunately, employment market for chemical engineers has been nearly saturated worldwide , in which short-term contracts have become the norm for companies within chemical product and chemical proJect value chains

That's why you -my chemical collegues- need to visualize chemical product value chain as well as chemical proJect value chain in an effort to pursue clear opportunities , therefore stay away from "motivational hype" which has been witnessed alot in business incubators , though we are engineers !!

handbook for chemical engineers and entrepreneurs

Here you will find brief descriptions, industrial synthetic routes, and simplified process diagrams to visualize chemical value chain

Another critical aspect, you -my chemical collegues- need to be aware of "academic hype" , because economic feasibility of chemical research papers have to be evaluated in order to provide technical solutions , not to be pessimistic , there has been reseach innovations in chemical process design yet all are process improvements rather than breakthroughs

Important to mention here, be mindful about profitable niche for chemical engineers ; defence business !!

Please listen to this podcast by Patryk Szafran as he briefly illustrates chemical proJect value chain and expectations from an engineer's perspective

Normally, chemical start-ups are sorted as below :

  • service-based : an engineer provides services such as feasibility analysis, market research, process simulation, health and safety, consultation

  • product-based : an engineer develops products which are predominantly small-scale such as water-treatment filters, micro-reactors, software product

  • process-based : an engineer -academic- researches for process improvement, secures patents, lobbies for commercial-scale approach as in catalysis

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