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  • Amir Muhaisen

Norm Compliance : Chemical-Induced

in this article, Amir briefly illustrates development of chemical-induced behavioral alteration techniques from obsolete truth-serums to advanced oxytocin derivatives.

chemical-norm-compliance : chemical-warfare

The term truth serums refers to chemicals administered for the purpose of extracting information from someone. In other words, psychoactive drugs which are supposed to make people tell the truth whether they want to or not. The operating mechanism behind truth serums is to disrupt mental concentration so that the person will find it difficult to lie because lying is mental activity that requires concentration. Particularly, this is accomplished by attempting to slow the speed of neural messages from spinal cord to brain.

Loosen Lips : Interrogation

Although ethanol or common liquors have been used to “loosen lips” as the saying goes, there are only few drugs that are well-documented for use as truth serums such as thiopental which was initially used for therapeutic purpose to get mental patients relaxed to discuss their problems through treatment known as narcoanalysis and further utilized by intelligence agencies.


In this video, BBC journalist Michael Mosley experienced thiopental effects. Obviously, low doses of thiopental also affect brain function immediately by affecting cerebral cortex, which is the center of complex mental activities. An intravenous dosage of thiopental causes someone to experience all the stages of progressive drunkenness, but the time scale is in minutes instead of hours.

Unfortunately, the use of thiopental as truth serum was discontinued because of undesirable side effects including hallucinations, disturbed perception, and blurred vision. There is serious risk you will say what your interrogator wants to hear rather than the truth thus not effective approach in interrogation nor altering perspective upon failing to regain consciousness.

Compliant Behavior : Oxytocin

Despite that truth serums have become almost obsolete. The concept of chemical-induced behavioral alteration has been developed to integrate with peer-derived social pressure thus bringing new generation called compliance-serums.

The term compliance serums refers to chemicals administered for the purpose of altering someone’s behavior and perspective. In other words, oxytocin derivatives are synthetic estrogen-linked chemicals supposed to make people more passive and obedient whether they want to or not.

According to research paper titled “oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection” by team of german and american researchers ; oxytocin administered via nasal spray combined with peer-driven social pressure altered behavior of 74% of xenophobic test group to be more acceptable to migrants.

Case study : Jordanian Intelligence Agency

In this video, Jordanian activist Ahmad Owaidi Abbadi describes being injected with "unknown chemical" upon being detained by Jordanian intelligence agency in June 2020 as Jordanian authorities are stifling free speech and media freedom amid deep financial recession that is hitting the country.

Chemiprobe started “probing” for technical insights since recieving this video last week, and continuously networking with professionals in clinical pharmacology, behavioral psychology, and sources within local security authorities.

oxytocin : chemical-warfare

Therefore, intelligence officers -low IQ though- have injected that 76 years activist with high dosage of oxytocin, which explains the obvious side effects including increased blood pressure and potential for subarachnoid hemorrhage in which their symptoms are described in the video such as severe headache, confusion, hematoma, nausea, and vomiting.

Chemiprobe -as business intelligence entity- claims right to non-disclose critical data regarding the use of Jordanian activists as "guinea pigs" for experiments upon request by "foreign agencies and business entities"


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